• Get a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime
  • Get a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime

    Benefits Invisalign for Teenagers

    • virtually invisible
    • comfortable to wear
    • removable
    • no metal parts
    • shortened treatment route by combining treatment phases
    • Easy to brush and floss
    • significantly less chance of cavities during treatment
    • less chance of root resorption
    • less painful
    • no risk at metal allergies
    • during the treatment you can already see how your new smile will take form

Invisalign® for Teens

For teenagers, the moment you start treatment is very important. The best time for orthodontic treatment is before the start of the growth spurt. So, make an appointment on time, rather much too early than just too late!

Invisalign Teen® has, beside all the benefits of aligners, a few extra key features.

  • Precision wings (mandibular advancement feature) can correct an overbite in your childs teeth. The wings are located at the end of the aligners and can gradually move the lower jaw and improve the bite and the appearance of the chin. 
  • Eruption compensators can be used for all children to allow growing teeth to erupt naturally, whilst tooth alignment begins.

Invisalign Teen® are also

  • proactive can fix specific misalignments in children and teens
  • effective offer the right amount of power to push the jaw forward
  • accurate precise digital scanning technology and clear aligners system that predicts and delivers a straighter smile
  • reliable reliable results to make you and your child smile 
  • feels better more comfortable and less painful than other braces because each aligner is trimmed to your gum line for optimal comfort and appearance

This allows you to enjoy life without any limitation, irritation or embarassment while straightening your teeth

Why Invisalign® Teen?

Invisalign Teen® was developed with teenagers, parents and leading dentists who understand teenagers active lifestyles and their unique treatment needs.

Invisalign Teen® are made with the same innovative Technology used for Invisalign® aligners.

Invisalign Teen® combines bite correction (froont and back teeth meet evenly) and straightening the position of teeth, making the entire treatment shorter.

SmartForce® Attachments apply the right amount of gentle force to shift your childs teeth into place. SmartForce Attachements are small tooth-colored shapes that are attached to your childs teeth before or during treatment. They're like handles, giving aligners something to gently push on.

  • low key tiny
    and barely noticeable
  • the clear choich
    make complex tooth movements possible without braces
  • powerful but gentle
    help aligners apply the right amount of force in the right direction

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Discover the power of an Invisalign smile

Invisalign clear aligners straighten teeth more predictably and comfortably than other aligners and braces. The aligners are transparent, so you will see the changes in your smile as they happen. We will manage your treatment every step of the way, so start smiling!

Oral hygiene

Aligners are removable and therefore allow you to floss and brush your teeth properly. Because of this, the risk at cavities (tooth decay), gum disease and permanent discolouration are significantly smaller with an Invisalign® treatment. Metal braces usually are a hindrance whilst flossing or brushing your teeth.

Your usual routine

your usual routine. Your Invisalign aligners are virtually transparent and easy to take out, so you can eat everything you like, brush your teeth as normal and still wear each set of aligners for the required 22 hours a day


Treatable cases

Invisalign® has multiple treatment options for teenagers, depending on the development of your teeth and the position of your jaws. The 'outboard brace' or the 'block brace' are not required when using Invisalign Teen, if you start treatment at the right time. We select the treatment that best fits the development of your teeth.

Your child will get a personalised treatment based on years of research and intelligence from millions of patients.

  • no guesswork
    straightens your child's teeth with 75% more predictability
  • convenient
    discreet aligners that don’t interrupt your child's life
  • the right fit
    fits your child's teeth securely

Accurate and less painful

  • accuracy: precise digital scanning technology and clear aligner system that predicts and then delivers a straighter smile.
  • accountability: the optional blue wear indicator dot on the aligner can help your child stay on track.
  • feels better: more comfortable than other clear aligners, less painful than braces.

jeugd groepje

Customised for your child's unique smile

iTero and ClinCheck software remove the guesswork. By using ClinCheck software, we can map the route to your child’s smile from the very start.

  • the power of 3D
    the 3D visual interface lets your doctor customise your treatment
  • mapping software
    the algorithm helps calculate just the right amount of force for every tooth movement
  • consistent
    the software, with input from your doctor, helps ensure every tooth moves in the right order and at the right time

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